Revenge spells

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Revenge spells

These revenge spells are for justice, anyone who has wronged and you need to feed them the taste of their own pill? These are the spells for you. In many times you will hear these spells being referred to Karma spells because they are enforced by the powers of goddess Karma. Every now and then people take advantage others and karma is goddess of justice.

Word from Prof Omar the powerful spell caster

I will refer to this as a spell/curse, but it will be more than 1 spell depending on the circumstances. Further still, it is for those who feel that they need strong justice.

This spell is not for those who have had a one-off dispute that will fix itself in a few days. This revenge spell is also not for those that will have a change of heart. In other words feel sorry for their enemy once their enemy begins to pay for what they have done. This spell will only be performed on adults. And further as cast it, I will make sure that the target gets an equivalent punishment.

Requirements for revenge spells

For this revenge spell, I will need you to clearly state your name and date of birth. Additionally, the name of your enemy/enemies (2-3 max) and date of births if you have them.

If you have a picture of your enemy/enemies, you can send it to me through a message, since that will be even better at making a connection to the target, but make sure that there are no innocent people in the picture.

If you desire, you can leave a small explanation as to what this enemy has done to you, so that I can prepare appropriately, but please don’t say what you want to happen to them as you could reap the Karma. Whatever happens, happens, and that’s all that you need to know. Also make sure that you actually want to do this service and won’t have any regrets later.

How long does revenge spells take to work?

Revenge spells will take a few days to prepare because there are only 2 days of the week that I would usually use to prepare the cast the black magic spell/spells on, and there is a bit of preparation involved. There are also numerous materials to be used for the revenge spell itself.

In case you would like to discus with Prof Omar about revenge spells feel free to contact me.

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