Fertility spells to heal infertility

Fertility spells to heal infertility, How to Become Pregnant by Using Wiccan Fertility Spells, Get pregnant with twins using pregnancy spells, Spells to Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Fertility spells to heal infertility

Heal the spiritual root causes of infertility in men and women with fertility spells by Prof Mike who can help couples conceive and have a healthy pregnancy using traditional healer fertility spells.

Consult Prof Mike to help you protect your unborn child from miscarriage and have a easy delivery with no complications using traditional fertility spells.

Prof Mike appeases the fertility deities using rituals and offerings on your behalf to banish negative energy, hexes, curses and bad spirits blocking your fertility. Miscarriage banishing spells, fertility booster spells, fertility healing spells, and fertility spells for someone else.

What is fertility

Fertility is a men or women’s ability to reproduce by naturally means. Male fertility can be affected by libido, erectile dysfunction, testosterone levels, sperm count & mortality.

Female infertility can be caused by ovulation problems, damage to the fallopian tubes or uterus. Treat & heal infertility by spiritually cleansing your soul and body with fertility spells.

Appease the ancestors with Prof Mike and accept the gift of a child to heal infertility problems in men and women. Remove bad luck, curses and hexes against your pregnancy with fertility spells.

Causes of infertility in men and women

The root cause of infertility is spiritual imbalance with the ancestral spirits which manifests in the physical world as a disease that blocks your ability to be fertile. The physical causes of infertility are listed below:

Low sperm quality
Uterine fibroids
No ovulating
Poor egg quality
Primary ovarian insufficiency
Blocked fallopian tubes
Uterine polyps
Ejaculation disorders
Pelvic adhesions

Types of fertility spells

There are many types of fertility spells that Prof Mike can cast on your behalf on your spiritual journey to a healthy pregnancy these include oya fertility spells, ixchel fertility spells, ayida-weddo pregnancy spells, deng fertility spells, mbaba mwana waresa fertility spells, oshub fertility spells, hathor fertility spells, kokopelli pregnancy spells, anahit fertility spells, and fede fertility spells.

Oya fertility spells: Oya is a divine spirit and river god of fertility from West Africa

Ixchel fertility spells: Ixchel is the jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine who looks over women during child birth.

Ayida-Weddo pregnancy spells: Ayida-Weddo is the voodoo spirit of fertility, water, fire, wealth, and thunder. Ayida-Weddo is also known as the “Rainbow Serpent”

Deng fertility spells: Deng or Denka is the god of the sky, rain, and fertility. Deng is a powerful intermediary between humans and the supreme being.

Mbaba Mwana Waresa fertility spells: Mbaba Mwana Waresa is the fertility goddess of the Zulu religion who lives in the clouds in a round hut made of rainbow arches.

Oshub fertility spells: Oshub is the goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty and love. Oshun is the divine patroness of the Osun River.

Hathor fertility spells: Hathor is the Egyptian sky goddess for love, maternal care and fertility.

Kokopelli pregnancy spells: Kokopelli is a fertility deity of Native Americans in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Anahit fertility spells: Anahit is the Armenian goddess of fertility, healing, wisdom and water.

Gede fertility spells: Gede is a family of voodoo (Iwa or Loa) spirits with dominion over fertility and death.

How fertility spells can help you

Heal the physical and spiritual problems blocking infertility in both men and women

Banish all negative energy, curses and hexes preventing you from being fertile

protection throughout the duration of your pregnancy and delivery

Heal weak erection and early ejaculation problems in men

Cleanse your spiritual energy and banish miscarriages

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